How To Take Care Of Your Glassware

Replacing Pieces

From the casual tumbler to the toasting flute, a shiny and lustrous finish will enhance the flavour and experience of any drink


To continue to use your glassware for many years to come, we recommend -

  • Hand wash items individually in warm soapy water, and use a soft, non abrasive cloth otherwise this can scratch and damage the glass
  • Dry with a soft cloth, or glass towel. With stemmed glassware, always hold by the bowl & not the stem when drying to avoid breakages
  • Always store your glassware the right way up to avoid damage to the rims
  • Wash decanters and vases reguarly. This will help prevent any staining and residual smells
  • To clean any staining, soak the items in a 50:50 mix of water & vinegar may help. However rinse thoroughly afterwards in warm soapy water
  • To clean items such as decanters, or vases with stubborn watermarks, a couple of spoonfuls of rice in warm water, swirled around for a few minutes can help clean these. Again, rinse thoroughly afterwards


Many glassware items can be cleaned in a dishwasher, just be aware of the manufacturers instruction on this regarding temperature & detergents so as to avoid 'blooming' of the glass. 'Blooming' is when the glassware takes on a cloudy appearance, and once this appears, you will be unable to remove it


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