How To Take Care Of Your Cutlery

Replacing Pieces

Stainless Steel Cutlery

The majority of stainless steel cutlery is 18/8, which refers to the chronium & nickel content. Stainless steel is most commonly used for cutlery as it is highly unlikely to stain or tarnish, especially if it is cared for. Therefore we strongly recommend that -

  • you don't leave items to soak as this can contribute towards staining
  • if you use a dishwasher, rinse before putting them in, as certain acids in some foods can cause staining or pitting
  • to help restore the shine & sparkle, use a soft lint free cloth e.g. microfibre to buff & polish

If your stainless steel cutlery is slightly tarnished/stained, a mix of white vinegar & water (1:8) in which you can soak for 5/10 minutes, may help. Rinse thoroughly & buff with a soft cloth


Silver Plated Cutlery

Although silver plated cutlery is a luxurious addition to any table, it also requires a certain level of care to ensure it remains in tip top condition, which is why we suggest -

  • remove all food residues as soon as possible as acids in certain foods can lead to corrosion & pitting
  • ideally wash by hand in warm soapy water and dry immediately where possible, and to use a soft cloth to buff & polish to avoid streaks and/or stains
  • if put in a dishwasher, avoid also washing stainless steel items, as this can also lead to corrosion

Should tarnishing/staining occur, a polish designed for silver plate can be used with a soft cloth to buff back to a high shine


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