Discontinued Denby Pottery

Discontinued Denby Tableware

For over 200 years, this pottery has been based in glorious Derbyshire, producing many wonderful & iconic designs using their unique glazes & finishes

The company evolved over the years, and by the 1950's was fast becoming a market leader for it's use of design & colour in the table and kitchenware it was producing, and was widely known for it's durability & style

Denby Pottery has produced a number of instantly recognisable designs over the years, such as 'Greenwheat' in the 1950's, 'Arabesque' in the 70's, 'Encore' in the 80's and of course more modern patterns such as 'Imperial Blue' & 'Halo' 


Please find below the tableware patterns we currently search for and stock by Denby