Size Is Important

Replacing Pieces

Here at ReplacingPieces we measure our stock in inches and volumes in pints, or part of


All items are measured to the nearest 1/8". With flatware pieces, only the diameter is noted and items such as cups, mugs, vases etc a height is also given. Pieces which hold liquids, e.g. teapots, casseroles, jugs, only a volume is given. Although we are always happy to give any other measurements you require to make sure what we have is what you're looking for


It is very important when searching for items, that you measure what you are looking for wherever possible. What one person calls a salad plate, another may call it a luncheon or fish plate, and that difference could be up to an inch


It is also worth noting, that due to different batches/runs of items being made, manufacturers may have a 'tolerance' in the sizes of the finished product of up to 1/4", therefore if you are unsure if an item we have is what you're requiring, please do call us on 01371 398002 and we can check for you


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